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Private health insurance is provided through organizations registered under the Private Health Insurance Act.  The financial performance of a registered health fund is overseen by a Private Health Insurance Administration, an independent government body that helps in ensuring solvency as well as capital adequacy requirements are fulfilled.  In a health fund, you will find different business structures there.  There are some that are listed as non profit health insurance.  Under the nonprofit health insurance structure, a mutual organization is held wherein the premiums paid into the fund for operating the business and covers the benefits for its members.

Another structure in the health fund is the ‘for-profit’ fund which aims to direct some forms of profit to the owners or shareholders.  The operation of such health fund structure requires the maintenance of a certain budget where the company has the capacity to pay benefit to their members.

A health fund can be registered as either an ‘Open’ or a ‘Restricted’ membership organization.  When registered as restricted, it means that the health fund will only offer membership to certain individuals.  Open membership organizations provide policies to the general public whereas restricted membership organizations will provide policies only through specific requirements such as employment groups, professional associations, or unions.

There are some health insurance companies that only provide certain health cover policies to specific companies or organization.  Of course, this exclusivity may be part of a package that companies may benefit from getting.

There are health insurance companies that will operate in only a particular state or region, whereas some will operate on some state or region.  Of course, there will be fairly large health insurance companies that will have operations in all states or territories involved.  Knowing this about your health fund where you have a policy with is fairly important.  If you regularly travel to and from different states or territories within your country, getting a policy that has better area coverage will be in your best interest.  After all, you would not want to have a policy, under such circumstance, that only works within a particular area.  Since health insurance companies with larger funds are able to operate at a much wider scale, getting insurance from them would be more beneficial for you.

Having health insurance will always be in your best interest.  After all, we do not live in a perfect world where there are no injuries or diseases we are not susceptible to.  Since health insurance is a means of being able to get the necessary medical assistance and intervention necessary should we develop any diseases or get any injuries, getting health insurance will surely without doubt be a great investment for us.

Health insurance is an investment that we should not fail to have with us.  Even if you are healthy, you cannot really say that you will not get injured or develop a disease that can be life-threatening.  As a means of protecting yourself from the costly expenses of medical bills and other related expenses, having health insurance will surely be a great benefit to have under such circumstances.  Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense on your part at first, should the time come that you would need it, it would really be a shame not to have one.  As a means of being prepared, having health insurance should always be in your best interest.