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Almost 35% of adults suffer from high blood pressure (HBP), also known as hypertension. Unfortunately for these people, prescription medications used regularly often lead to heart attacks and failure and obstruction with calcium metabolism. This is the reason why many individuals with hypertension prefer high blood pressure herbal supplements.

There are numerous herbs you could add to your diet in order to reduce blood pressure levels. Instead of paying for the medications prescribed for people with hypertension, you can relocate your money to food budget, instead. Here are some herbs you should include in your daily food intake to prevent hypertension.

  • Basil

Basil is a versatile herb. You could easily add it to almost any of your food recipes including pasta, chicken, soup and stews. Basil contains antioxidants. It also has antiviral and antimutagenic properties. Basil can prevent HBP by lowering blood pressure levels to the safe zone. Start planting your own basil in small pots so you could easily get some leaves to add to your lunch and/or dinner.

  • Cardamom

Cardamom originated from India and is one of the staple spices used in the country. This condiment has antioxidant properties and studies have proven that it significantly lowers blood pressure levels. If you consume the right amount of cardamom every day for several months, your blood and heart will be healthy.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been used as seasoning to pastries and other desserts. The combination of spicy and fragrant flavors makes this herb a favorite. Cinnamon is known to decrease high blood pressure occurrence especially in people with diabetes. If you want to add this spice to your daily diet, you can sprinkle the powder in your morning coffee or tea or create fruit desserts with cinnamon sprinkles.

  • Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for thousands of years. This herbal remedy benefits those with high blood pressure and heart conditions. The Chinese use hawthorn to improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health, leading to a normal blood pressure. You could drink hawthorn as a tea or ingest it as a pill or liquid extract.

  • Danshen

Danshen is a dried root derived from Salvia miltiorrhiza. This supplement is widely used in China and some parts of Japan. Recently, the popularity of danshen has reached the US and some countries in Europe. In Chinese traditional medicine, this herb is used to improve blood circulation, prevent stroke and chest pain and prevent heart diseases. Danshen is also popular in treating menstrual disorders, liver disease and insomnia caused by chest tightening and rapid heartbeat.

  • Celery Seed

Celery seeds are usually used as condiments to add flavor to stews, soups and other savory recipes. A research discovered that these seeds have over 20 anti-inflammatory compounds, including apigenin. Because of this, celery seeds are widely used in China to prevent and treat hypertension. For a very long time, this food condiment is consumed in order to reduce blood pressure.

There are many blood pressure herbal supplements out there. If you feel unsafe using prescribed medications, you can simply add herbs to your daily diet to combat high blood pressure. Just remember, to consult a specialist to find out which herbal supplements are safe for you to use.